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Technical Support Montreal Montreal Technicians was born out of a desire to help small and medium sized business with solutions, rather than simply products and services.  Like a puzzle, each piece is chosen with a big picture in mind.  Our products and services are designed to work seamlessly together; we don’t try to force you into a solution based only on what we can get out of it.

In 2016, Montreal Tech acquired CompuQuest Corporate Services/IT Revolution, a firm with 20 years of loyal customers.  For the past 10 years, both companies worked jointly on many projects cementing a bond of trust and unified vision.  The result of this associating is a maturity of business practices and a proven track record of customer loyalty.

Montreal Technicians truly believes in the “Client First” philosophy.  We will often encounter new customers that ask us to review competing quotes which are clearly solutions designed to make the IT company profit.  We then offer a client first solution that not only saves them money, but is better suited for them.  That is the secret of our long term success.

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