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Montreal Tech is a “one-stop shop” for all your IT needs.  If we don’t offer a particular service, we have a trusted partner that does, and we manage the project for you.  This allows for a single point of contact for all your IT solutions.

IT Consulting

At the heart of our solutions is a problem that needs to be solved.

Our consulting services starts with a deep dive into your business processes to uncover problems that can be fixed using the right technology solution.

An in-depth audit will reveal critical areas that need immediate attention and lesser issues that will need to be addressed in the near future.

A 12-month IT plan can be implemented to outline strategic projects to help reach your IT goals.

network support

Your network is the lifeblood of your IT infrastructure.

Montreal Tech are the architects of on premise, hybrid and cloud based networks.

We simplify working in teams and remote workers by offering cloud based solutions that are easy to use.

Each company has different needs and we build solutions that align with your goals.

Montreal Tech offer Dropbox for Business Solutions that are simple to use, yet secure. Just one of the many solutions we offer to help small & medium businesses adapt.

IT securityIf you are not proactive with network security, you risk exposing your confidential files to the world.

Security is no longer an afterthought but a battle that must be won with the best defense.

Our Firewall security solutions are based on industry leading technology and configured using best practices.

Our audits will identify weak points in your network that must be secured to keep your data safe.

backup & disaster recovery

If you only do backups, you are vulnerable to issues that could bring your company to a halt.

Montreal Tech offers hybrid backups (on premise & Cloud based) that we test on a regular basis (if you are part of our Managed Services family).

We offer disaster recovery solutions that allows for business continuity in case of hardware or software failure.

How many companies have been taken hostage by Ransomware because of a poorly designed backup strategy? Let us keep you safe.

Data RecoveryIf you incur data loss, Montreal Tech can help.

We can help recover lost data from:

  • Desktop hard drives
  • Laptop hard drives
  • Server hard drives
  • USB keys
  • Flash Cards (Camera, phone)

Emergency service available

Website Design Montreal

Montreal Tech offers custom website design services.  Built on industry standard platforms such as Wordpress, we can help you establish a thriving online presence.

From informational website to web commerce, we ensure that your site is built with flexible tools that allow you to control content. Sites are SEO optimized and additional SEO & Social Media services are available.

We take care of the project management to ensure nothing is forgotten when planning a web refresh or brand new site.

Software Design iPhone apps

Montreal Tech offers custom software development to help build customized applications.

From Database projects to smart phone apps, we can ensure you get a best in class solution that will perform as planned.

Because we manage the project, you can rest assured that you will have an app that delivers the intended results within your budget.

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